Thursday, December 17, 2015

Starting the Project

         Pitch day was was Tuesday and it went great! Now Whitley and I are going to start constructing the prototype. We have already contacted the water is life foundation and hope to Skype them in the week of January 5th. Also, Donors Choose has answered some grants for the supplies we need, such as solar panels and iodine crystals. We have started a rough blueprint and now we are working on the build and supplies. Hopefully I can upload pictures of the blueprint soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Progress

          After a while of thinking, Whitley and I have decided on what we will emphasise in our project. We want to build our filter around the women in the world who we know have to walk for miles to get their water, often from polluted streams. Our device will have several filters to get the bacteria and pollution out, and will be built kind of like a backpack, so the women will have a more comfortable walk. On the walk back after collecting the water it will desalinate, and by the time they get home it will be ready for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other things. After the prototype is built we hope to donate it to water is life and also raise money for the foundation. We will start building after pitch day as long as that goes well! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pitch Day

           2 weeks away from pitch day! Whitley and I have decided to combine our ideas and make a better, stronger desalination filter. Whitley's original idea was to raise money for third world countries and donate to an organization.  Now our idea is to raise money for the water is life foundation, and then make a desalination prototype that we will donate to water is life.  

         To the committee Whitley and I will present a slideshow of our idea and a video to explain our process and goals. They will give us criticism and advice and they will tell us if our goal is worth pursuing. After this we can start our project.  Hopefully it goes well!


Monday, November 9, 2015

The Origin of the Idea

This project began with a simple question. Why? Why do one billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water and why do 2.4 million people die every year from unclean water-related issues? There is no answer for why, but there is a way to solve it.  

My idea is to make a desalination device for people around the world who don't have access to clean and safe water. This device will draw salt out of water and filter out anything that pollutes the water and makes it unsafe for drinking.  It will be small, portable, easy to use and hopefully will transform people's lives. 

My goal for this project will be to make a prototype and maybe even send it to people in need, if I can find an organization to donate to. But for right now I am going to focus on the research and building of my design.