Thursday, May 19, 2016


        We finished our TedTalks yesterday! I think it went really well. Whitley and I prepared for a long time for it and we felt pretty confident, we also pretty much had everything we wanted to say memorized. We cover a lot of topics during our talk. For example, our inspiration(water is life foundation), what we learned(how to blog, how do make a blueprint, using the 3-D printer, building using many different materials, experimental testing, etc.), set-backs (hitting a dead end in the middle of the project, figuring out our prototype wasn't going to work like we thought, running out of ideas and many other things) and lastly, describing our final product and blueprint. 
     Our final blueprint looks like a long skinny tube with a open bowl at the top. The bowl will use a series of condensation to take the salt out of the water. Next, at the top of the tube, will be a series of membrane paper and a metal strainer to get the large chunks of mud or bacteria out of the water before it goes through the smaller processes. Next will be Oil of Oregano, known for its antibacterial power. After this is chia seeds which provide microbes. Next, there will be coconut skins and charcoal which give the carbon effect and take the chemical taste out of the water. Lastly, the water will come out the bottom of the tube as freshwater, this whole process will take a total of about 3 minutes. We hope to finish this project over the summer and we will post pictures on our blog! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Building the Filter

         This week Whitley and I have been making the outline of the filter on the 3-D printer. It will look like a long slender tube, with a hole at for the water to come in, and a hole at the bottom for the water to come out. We already have the Oil of Oregano, but we are still waiting for the salinity and ph filters and charcoal to arrive. Once that has arrived we will start filling in the filter. First, we will activate the charcoal and pour it in the bottom. Next we will fill in some membrane filters with chia seeds. After that, at the top will be a layer of strainer and then oil of oregano. 
We are currently having trouble with the 3-D printer, but we hope to have it fixed soon so we can start officially building. We think that we might be able to finish the filter by the time of our ted talks.

Monday, May 9, 2016


     Last week on Wednesday, Whitley and I did some testing for our desalination filter. We tested Oil of Oregano and it worked extremely well.  It is known for killing bacteria and providing strong microbes, and even without the salinity and ph testers we still could see a difference in the filtered water and the pond water. We are still waiting on the some of the materials, that are taking a very long time to ship. Next week we will start using tinkercad, which is the 3-D printer's design palette. We will just start with just the simple outline of the filter and then we will fill in the membrane filters and the other supplements. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ordering and Creating

           Last week we finally developed our blueprint and the supplements we will need for our filter. This week, we have been researching and testing to make sure that our materials are safe and work to do the things we need them to do. We are still waiting on our order of ph testers and salinity testers. Also, we just put in our order for a strong oil of oregano to kill bacteria, and we just purchased some charcoal at the store. We have already done some testing with the membrane filter paper and we are have discovered that it seems to work better with added pressure and a little bit of coconut oil on the top.  The container we will be using will be an old, standing basketball pump, so the water can be pressurized, which makes the desalination process faster.  We plan to start testing putting together the filter next Wednesday, when we have received all of our supplements and supplies. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

BluePrint Done!

        Whitley and I have officially decided on the supplements for filter and have created our revised blueprint. This is how our filter will be layered. We will be using a system of condensation to dissolve the salt, this will be the very top of the filter. Then we will have a series of membrane filters that catch the bigger bacteria particles, and large chunks of mud, dirt or other things. Next we will have Oil of Oregano, which is known for breaking down bacteria and killing diseases. At the bottom of the filter there will be activated charcoal, which is known for taking chemical tastes or non water tastes out of water. After that there will be a mesh wire in case any large particles happen to get through the other supplements. The filter will also have a pump, to get a fast result the water needs to have added pressure to help squeeze it through the supplements and filter papers.  And at the bottom will be a large bowl to collect the clean water!!  


Friday, April 8, 2016

Goals and Plans

            This week Whitley and I are making layouts and plans for our construction coming up. We are also making long-term goals for the end of this project and what we will do afterwards. The ph and salinity filters are coming and should arrive next Friday. Some of our short term goals are obviously to successfully create a unique desalination filter to present in a Ted Talk along with educating some of our classmates on water related issues.  Some of our long term goals after creating the filter are to donate our filter and raised money to the organization that we choose and raise awareness for the water crisis. Once the filters arrive we will begin another round of tests. Some of the things we'll be testing will be different microbes, vinegar mixed with other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and other acidic ph's. After this upcoming test we will finally begin our construction.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Testing Day

                  Today Whitley and I have finally tested our theories.  We used all of the natural ingredients that we thought would work and we got pretty good results. First we took muddy pond water and tested the Chia seeds with membrane filter paper and this worked fairly well, but still left a significant amount of residue of mud.  Then we tried the potato skin and this drew out most of the salt but none of the mud. Next was the coconut oil which worked extremely well and the mud and pond water particles seemed to pool up on top of the membrane filter and not get through the paper, this left the water very clear. And last was the Pineapple, since pineapple is know for decaying meat and sometimes bacteria, we hoped it might work, but unfortunately it did nothing. We are going to run a few more tests in the upcoming weeks and just ordered a ph and salinity meter to test the water.  We also are ordering some non-harmful chemicals to help with the Desalination process and once we find out the ingredients we need we will be able to construct the filter.  
Here is a picture of the residue that pooled up on the top of the membrane filter after it went through the coconut oil. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Methods

                 This week Whitley and I have made several more advancements in our project. We have decided to use organic resources(including our old microbes) instead of chemicals that could be damaging. We are currently researching healthy, natural things that are helpful to water desalination and rich with antioxidants and microbes. A few things we have found include, Kefir, potato skin, natural oils, Chia seeds, pineapples, tea bags and several different types of enzymes. All of these ingredients are rich in antioxidants, good breaking down bacteria and adding nutrients, potatoes, for example are known for drawing salt out of water, and pineapples are another example which are known for breaking down bacteria. We will also be adding membrane filters and pressurized systems to enrich the filter. We already have all of these ingredients, except the membrane filter which should be arriving today, and over the weekend we will be testing all of our natural ingredients and building the container where the water will be held and treated. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ordering Materials!

                 Right now, Whitley and I are ordering the material for the microbes, and once we get them, (which should be in a few days) we will start growing them. There is a series of chemical processes we have to go through to grow the microbes. We start off with a Petri dish and add the chemicals we need for the certain type of microbe we are growing. We think we are going to grow microbes that eat salt and bacteria. Currently we are still doing a little more research before the materials come, and once they get here we will be ready to start building.   

Thursday, March 3, 2016


  Whitley and I have been working on solutions for our add-on to our project. We have been researching for the last week and we think we have a solution. We discovered microbes that we can grow by ourselves with special chemicals. Once the microbes are made they have the ability to absorb pollution, bacteria, and possibly lead. We are currently researching the material we need for the microbes and are ordering them online.  Once we grow them, which will take about a week, we will insert them into the filter, along with some other filtration systems and it will be ready to process water!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Twist on the Idea

               After a while of thinking Whitley and I decided to modify our idea. We wanted our filter to be more unique than just a standard filter, so we decided to add things too it. After hearing about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan with lead in their water, we decided that maybe we could help. We are going to stick with our original blueprint but add things to it. The filter will have all the same filtration systems just with a new level of systems for lead. Instead of raising money for Water is Life we will also raise money for Flint. We are starting our construction next week with the help of our mentors.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After Idea Showcase

         Idea Showcase was a success! We got a pretty big crowd of visitors and got some really interesting ideas and feedback. After a few presentations we got our presentation down and we felt more comfortable as the time went on. We were asked a lot of questions, but they helped us think about different aspects of our process. We also had a few people who were interested in being a mentor that could help us with construction and ideas. 
Right now we are gathering material for the pump of the device and soon we will insert the filtration systems. We will probably start the construction of the filter in a week after we have the material and resources for construction! 

Displaying IMG_5878.JPG
Displaying IMG_5878.JPG

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Preparing For Idea Showcase

        This week is the week leading up to Idea Showcase. We are presenting our projects to the community next Tuesday and after that we will begin construction of the device after that. Whitley has been in charge mainly of the gathering of the material and I have been on research. We are still looking for material to use for the tube with a pump in our filter and a way to get all the needed filtration systems inside. Whitley and I are also pondering the idea of somehow building the pump to be manpowered by maybe the energy of a person's footsteps or using a solar panel. I am also currently in contact with a few donars who have said that they might be able to help with construction of the filter. Hopefully Idea Showcase goes well and we can start the process of construction.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016


      A few weeks ago our team, Harmony put in a grant with donors choose for materials for our 20% time project. The grants came in yesterday and now Whitley and I have some of our material, like iodine crystals and a solar panel. We also have an order for membrane filter paper on the way and hope to get some mentors from the Idea Showcase to help with the construction.  
We are still trying to figure out how we are going to make the tube and pump that will hold the water, but we will try to construct it to look somewhat like a ball pump but with a base. Inside will be the series of filter and the bottom will be open. The pump will be shorter and not reach all the way to the bottom because if it were longer in would crush all the filters, but if will still be long enough to add the needed pressure. After idea showcase we will start the construction! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


This is a rough blueprint for the filter.                                                                                    

  This is a picture of Whitley(right) and I opening        
 our generous package from water is life.

Idea Showcase Preparation

          Idea showcase ( A showcase of all the ideas of the other 20% time project on our team) is coming up in a couple weeks and it is an opportunity for the community and our families to see our ideas for 20% time. Whitley and I are putting the finishing touches on our blueprint and our construction. We plan to present the blueprint along with facts and plans for the filter.  Along with this, we also plan to have a small prototype representing what the filter will look like.

      After the idea showcase we will hopefully have a couple of sponsors that could help us with the supplies we need, and we will be able to research and start the building process.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


                Whitley and I have officially constructed the blueprint for our desalination filter. The filter will have a tube that runs from the bucket of water into a slim plastic tube with a pump inside. The person will push down the pump, applying needed pressure and the water will be squeezed through a series of desalinating processes, such as membrane filters, iodine crystals, or charcoal filters. The water will come out the bottom and land in a separate bucket. This will provide families with clean drinking, bathing and cooking water, instead of just drinking water like most filters provide. 

Whitley and I got this idea from a package of filters we received from Mr. Ken Surritte from water is life. It had two separate filters and gave us some awesome inspiration for the construction of the filter. I will upload a picture of blueprint soon! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Ideas

  Whitley and I have recently been in contact with the head of the water is life organization, Ken Surritte. Mr. Surritte agreed to google hangout us at 11:15 this morning and gave us some awesome ideas! We were able to ask Mr. Surritte several questions about his organization, and he gave some background on the program and their mission. He also showed us many other sites and water purification filters and corrected us on some of our ideas that needed work. We are now ready to gather the supplies and start the construction of the filter!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gaining Resources

             Thanks to the generosity of donors choose Whitley and I were able to get a solar panel and iodine crystals to help with the desalination process. We have also been in contact with the water is life foundation and are hoping to skype them next monday. Right now we are gathering resources for the filter and will be building the blueprint soon. Hopefully we will get some feedback from water is life that will help the development of the idea.