Thursday, January 28, 2016


This is a rough blueprint for the filter.                                                                                    

  This is a picture of Whitley(right) and I opening        
 our generous package from water is life.

Idea Showcase Preparation

          Idea showcase ( A showcase of all the ideas of the other 20% time project on our team) is coming up in a couple weeks and it is an opportunity for the community and our families to see our ideas for 20% time. Whitley and I are putting the finishing touches on our blueprint and our construction. We plan to present the blueprint along with facts and plans for the filter.  Along with this, we also plan to have a small prototype representing what the filter will look like.

      After the idea showcase we will hopefully have a couple of sponsors that could help us with the supplies we need, and we will be able to research and start the building process.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


                Whitley and I have officially constructed the blueprint for our desalination filter. The filter will have a tube that runs from the bucket of water into a slim plastic tube with a pump inside. The person will push down the pump, applying needed pressure and the water will be squeezed through a series of desalinating processes, such as membrane filters, iodine crystals, or charcoal filters. The water will come out the bottom and land in a separate bucket. This will provide families with clean drinking, bathing and cooking water, instead of just drinking water like most filters provide. 

Whitley and I got this idea from a package of filters we received from Mr. Ken Surritte from water is life. It had two separate filters and gave us some awesome inspiration for the construction of the filter. I will upload a picture of blueprint soon! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Ideas

  Whitley and I have recently been in contact with the head of the water is life organization, Ken Surritte. Mr. Surritte agreed to google hangout us at 11:15 this morning and gave us some awesome ideas! We were able to ask Mr. Surritte several questions about his organization, and he gave some background on the program and their mission. He also showed us many other sites and water purification filters and corrected us on some of our ideas that needed work. We are now ready to gather the supplies and start the construction of the filter!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gaining Resources

             Thanks to the generosity of donors choose Whitley and I were able to get a solar panel and iodine crystals to help with the desalination process. We have also been in contact with the water is life foundation and are hoping to skype them next monday. Right now we are gathering resources for the filter and will be building the blueprint soon. Hopefully we will get some feedback from water is life that will help the development of the idea.