Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Methods

                 This week Whitley and I have made several more advancements in our project. We have decided to use organic resources(including our old microbes) instead of chemicals that could be damaging. We are currently researching healthy, natural things that are helpful to water desalination and rich with antioxidants and microbes. A few things we have found include, Kefir, potato skin, natural oils, Chia seeds, pineapples, tea bags and several different types of enzymes. All of these ingredients are rich in antioxidants, good breaking down bacteria and adding nutrients, potatoes, for example are known for drawing salt out of water, and pineapples are another example which are known for breaking down bacteria. We will also be adding membrane filters and pressurized systems to enrich the filter. We already have all of these ingredients, except the membrane filter which should be arriving today, and over the weekend we will be testing all of our natural ingredients and building the container where the water will be held and treated. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ordering Materials!

                 Right now, Whitley and I are ordering the material for the microbes, and once we get them, (which should be in a few days) we will start growing them. There is a series of chemical processes we have to go through to grow the microbes. We start off with a Petri dish and add the chemicals we need for the certain type of microbe we are growing. We think we are going to grow microbes that eat salt and bacteria. Currently we are still doing a little more research before the materials come, and once they get here we will be ready to start building.   

Thursday, March 3, 2016


  Whitley and I have been working on solutions for our add-on to our project. We have been researching for the last week and we think we have a solution. We discovered microbes that we can grow by ourselves with special chemicals. Once the microbes are made they have the ability to absorb pollution, bacteria, and possibly lead. We are currently researching the material we need for the microbes and are ordering them online.  Once we grow them, which will take about a week, we will insert them into the filter, along with some other filtration systems and it will be ready to process water!