Thursday, April 21, 2016

BluePrint Done!

        Whitley and I have officially decided on the supplements for filter and have created our revised blueprint. This is how our filter will be layered. We will be using a system of condensation to dissolve the salt, this will be the very top of the filter. Then we will have a series of membrane filters that catch the bigger bacteria particles, and large chunks of mud, dirt or other things. Next we will have Oil of Oregano, which is known for breaking down bacteria and killing diseases. At the bottom of the filter there will be activated charcoal, which is known for taking chemical tastes or non water tastes out of water. After that there will be a mesh wire in case any large particles happen to get through the other supplements. The filter will also have a pump, to get a fast result the water needs to have added pressure to help squeeze it through the supplements and filter papers.  And at the bottom will be a large bowl to collect the clean water!!  


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