Friday, April 1, 2016

Testing Day

                  Today Whitley and I have finally tested our theories.  We used all of the natural ingredients that we thought would work and we got pretty good results. First we took muddy pond water and tested the Chia seeds with membrane filter paper and this worked fairly well, but still left a significant amount of residue of mud.  Then we tried the potato skin and this drew out most of the salt but none of the mud. Next was the coconut oil which worked extremely well and the mud and pond water particles seemed to pool up on top of the membrane filter and not get through the paper, this left the water very clear. And last was the Pineapple, since pineapple is know for decaying meat and sometimes bacteria, we hoped it might work, but unfortunately it did nothing. We are going to run a few more tests in the upcoming weeks and just ordered a ph and salinity meter to test the water.  We also are ordering some non-harmful chemicals to help with the Desalination process and once we find out the ingredients we need we will be able to construct the filter.  
Here is a picture of the residue that pooled up on the top of the membrane filter after it went through the coconut oil. 

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