Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Building the Filter

         This week Whitley and I have been making the outline of the filter on the 3-D printer. It will look like a long slender tube, with a hole at for the water to come in, and a hole at the bottom for the water to come out. We already have the Oil of Oregano, but we are still waiting for the salinity and ph filters and charcoal to arrive. Once that has arrived we will start filling in the filter. First, we will activate the charcoal and pour it in the bottom. Next we will fill in some membrane filters with chia seeds. After that, at the top will be a layer of strainer and then oil of oregano. 
We are currently having trouble with the 3-D printer, but we hope to have it fixed soon so we can start officially building. We think that we might be able to finish the filter by the time of our ted talks.

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