Thursday, May 19, 2016


        We finished our TedTalks yesterday! I think it went really well. Whitley and I prepared for a long time for it and we felt pretty confident, we also pretty much had everything we wanted to say memorized. We cover a lot of topics during our talk. For example, our inspiration(water is life foundation), what we learned(how to blog, how do make a blueprint, using the 3-D printer, building using many different materials, experimental testing, etc.), set-backs (hitting a dead end in the middle of the project, figuring out our prototype wasn't going to work like we thought, running out of ideas and many other things) and lastly, describing our final product and blueprint. 
     Our final blueprint looks like a long skinny tube with a open bowl at the top. The bowl will use a series of condensation to take the salt out of the water. Next, at the top of the tube, will be a series of membrane paper and a metal strainer to get the large chunks of mud or bacteria out of the water before it goes through the smaller processes. Next will be Oil of Oregano, known for its antibacterial power. After this is chia seeds which provide microbes. Next, there will be coconut skins and charcoal which give the carbon effect and take the chemical taste out of the water. Lastly, the water will come out the bottom of the tube as freshwater, this whole process will take a total of about 3 minutes. We hope to finish this project over the summer and we will post pictures on our blog! 

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